Friday, November 14, 2014


I’ve heard so many times

“Shouldn’t you be over “it” by now?”

It is always hard to think of my child as an “it” I must get over

Which child would you ever get over?

Which child would you give up?

The chasm between the bereaved and the non-bereaved is vast and invisible

I am tired of trying to bridge it, tired of justifying my grief, tired of my status of “bereaved parent” and all the turn a ways that go with that status.

This lonely journey is because I can’t “get over it”, in fact I refuse to pretend that Sharon didn’t live and breath and I miss her still.

And yet, like the scene in E.T. where across all that vast difference of being, language and understandings, Elliot and ET touched.

And there are those that walk with me and let me have “it”

Thank you.