Friday, December 21, 2012

Table of Contents

I just wanted to inclucde this because I don't remember ever saying that this book is about grief in the long haul

Table of Contents




Chapter 1
            First Five Years: Chaos and reorienting

Chapter 2
            Ten Years: Realignment and acceptance

Chapter 3
            Fifteen Years: Weariness and shutdown

Chapter 4
            Twenty Years: No one cares; holding up is hard

Chapter 5
            Twenty-Five Years: Silence and loneliness; What more is there to say and do?

Chapter 6
            Thirty Years: Back to the beginning: A renewed sense of purpose and                                     meaning

Chapter 7
            Thirty-Five Years: Continuations; don’t know what else to do; the                                                 relationship with my dead daughter

Chapter 8
            Other Loses

            On the Other Side of Grief

Some Final Notes



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