Thursday, July 19, 2012

Resting on My Laurels

Resting on My Laurels

My mother used to say that to me anytime I did well or accomplished anything.  I’ve been waiting for years to rest on my laurels and I thought for sure that after my book was actually in print I finally could.  Alas and alack, not so now either.  There are many other phrases and statements that mean the same thing, that is just the one I heard a lot.

So, what’s wrong with “resting on my laurels”?  Probably nothing for a day or two, then it becomes a way of hiding out again.  Meaning what?  Well the writing took about eighteen months and the publishing process another six that is two years that I felt very safe and protected.  No one bothered me or said much because I was busy writing.  While the writing was hard, it was always under my control and no one could really check up on me.  That kept me insulated and safe. 

Here I am again having to deal with major change and loss, what a drag.  Now I have to get involved with marketing and distribution.  I have to face whatever people have to say about my book and I am no longer safe.

The form it takes, if I don’t own up to the change, is procrastination and implosion (I’m very good at that).  This is one of those times when the feelings get disconnected from the cause.  I have dealt with many sales people and others that struggle with this after a huge sale.  It is always a surprise and a relief to know why.

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