Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Levels of Listening

I hope people find this interesting and useful

Levels of Listening
1. Hearing the words
2. Hearing the words and partial feelings
3. Hearing the words, accepting feelings
4. Hearing the words, accepting feelings, making plans to deal with issues

                  Levels of speaking
                        1. Saying the words
                        2. Saying the words and partial disclosure
                        3. Saying the words acknowledging meaning
                        4. Saying the words, acknowledging meaning. Checking out impact

Levels of Impact
1. Reporting information
2. Reporting information, partial challenge
3. Reporting information, full challenge, engagement
4. Reporting information full challenge, engagement. Transformation

                  Levels of Learning
                        It is not the same as study, finding out what others know, knowing                                                         answers or measured by exams.  It is the process of solving our own problems for our                          own purposes by questioning, thinking, feeling and testing until the solution is part of                          our lives.
                        1. New skills and information
                        2. New thoughts and beliefs
                        3. New identity and behaviors
                        4. New intuitions and creativity

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